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Onslow Microgrid Trial

Project Type

Generation Management




Onslow. Western Australia


System Design
Detailed Design
PowerFactory Model
Horizon Approval
Battery Generation Management
Feed-in Management
Control Switchboards

Oztron Energy is proud to have significantly contributed to the Onslow Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS) trial, a pioneering project conducted in the remote town of Onslow, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Collaborating with lead contractor Mechanical Project Services (MPS), our team played a crucial role in the execution of seven large commercial sites:

Onslow Primary School 60 kVA
Onslow Discovery Centre 90 kVA
Beach Resort 90 kVA
Multi Purpose Centre 90 kVA
BHP Macedon House 90 kVA
General Store 60 kVA
Onslow Airport 120 kVA

Our scope of work was comprehensive, encompassing detailed electrical design and engineering, supply of turnkey battery energy smoothing systems using our proprietary technology, and interfacing these sites with the Horizon Power DERMS system. We also provided grid protection systems, construction verification, commissioning (both on-site and remote), and remote monitoring and management.

This project has achieved a significant milestone in renewable energy, demonstrating that it's possible to run an energy network on 100% hydrocarbon-free energy without any traditional backup generation. At Oztron Energy, we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, delivering sustainable and efficient energy solutions for the future.

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