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Highest quality engineering at cost effective rates
Fast turnaround times
Strict compliance to standards
Full responsibility of our work
Compliant with AS/ANZ standards


The starting point for any project aimed at reducing carbon emissions and saving energy costs is with a Feasibility Study. The deliverables typically include:


  1. Demand assessment, present and future

  2. Available options and current constraints – line upgrade, hosting capacity

  3. Interaction with the Network Operator (Western Power, Horizon Power, others)

  4. Local generation options with solar, wind, gas, diesel  or other sources

  5. Integration with the local grid, load management, battery storage

  6. Optimum sizing and combination of different resources, especially for Off-grid and Hybrid installations

  7. High level design to assess land and other requirements

  8. Operations and Management strategy

  9. Cost - Benefit analysis

End to End Engineering for Renewable Energy Projects


Services we offer include: 

  1. Preliminary assessment

  2. Detailed design

  3. Connection application with the Network Operator, with NER RPEQ certification

  4. Network Dynamic Models, DigSilent PowerFactory

  5. Exemptions

  6. Follow up with the utility, responding to any enquiries

  7. Injection testing, Power Quality testing

  8. Commissioning, Certification

  9. O&M Manuals

Experienced Leadership

Off-grid and Edge-of-Grid 

We offer innovative solutions for providing electricity for Off-grid and Edge-of-Grid situations, customized to your needs.


Oztron can provide all the engineering that is needed for:

  1. Medium to large off-grid sites currently operating on diesel 

  2. Grid connected sites with insufficient line capacity

  3. Grid connected sites with insufficient hosting capacity, requiring Generation Management and Feed-in Management.

  4. Grid connected communities who want to reduce their dependence on grid electricity


Services we offer include:

  1. Preliminary and detailed assessment 

  2. Preliminary and detailed design

  3. Sizing and smulation

  4. Customized controls and Battery Energy Storage

  5. Commissioning and Management

  6. Remote Monitoring

Electrical Engineering


We offer Electrical Engineering support services for industrial clients. These include:


  1. Electrical Drafting in AutoCad and Microstation

  2. Detailed Electrical Design 

  3. LV Protection System 

  4. System Design.

Remote Monitoring and Controls

  • Sustainability

  • Real Time Monitoring

  • Operational Savings

  • Energy Management and Efficiency

Our engineers in Oztron and Galooli analyse your requirements and offer you a customised solution to best suit your needs.

We offer full support from Australia.

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